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High Intensity Daily Personal Activities (HIDPA)

Complex Support for High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

Defining High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) employs the term “high intensity daily personal activities” to describe the more intricate support requirements that some individuals necessitate in managing their day-to-day lives. These complexities can encompass various health and medical needs.

Qualified Support Team for Complex Health Needs

Our dedicated team, which includes registered nurses and trained support workers, possesses the qualifications and expertise needed to provide support to individuals with complex health needs. We are steadfast in delivering a high standard of care and support, particularly for those requiring high-intensity daily personal activities to address their healthcare needs.

Specific Complex Health Needs

High intensity daily personal activities encompass a range of specific complex health needs, including individuals who require assistance with:

  1. Diabetes: Managing blood sugar levels and insulin administration.

  2. Epilepsy and High-Risk Seizures: Providing support during seizures and managing related risks.

  3. Complex Wounds and Pressure Injuries: Care for and management of intricate wound care and pressure injuries.

  4. Medication Administered by Subcutaneous Injections: Precise administration of medications through subcutaneous injections.

  5. Complex Bowel Problems: Assistance with complex bowel-related issues and care.

  6. Tracheostomy Care: Support for individuals with tracheostomies, including care and maintenance.

  7. Stoma Care: Assistance with the care and management of stomas.

  8. Urinary Catheter Care: Providing support for individuals with urinary catheters.

  9. Ventilator Care: Assistance with ventilator use and care.

  10. Swallowing and Eating Difficulties (Tube Feeding): Managing difficulties related to swallowing and eating, which may necessitate tube feeding.

Person-Led Support Approach

Each person receiving our support will have a healthcare plan tailored to their unique needs. By employing a person-led support approach, individuals we assist will actively participate in the planning and management of their care. This approach ensures that their preferences and specific requirements are at the forefront of their care plans.

Contact Approach Care If You Need NDIS Support

For those in Western Australia seeking NDIS support services, Approach Care is a registered NDIS support service provider offering quality NDIS services aimed at enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. Reach out to Approach Care for assistance with NDIS supports, including disability advice, to improve your life and develop your skills.

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